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When choosing an agency to represent and guide you for overseas study in Korea, it is important to find a reliable agent that will guide you through your process and give you results. Square study is one of the best study abroad management agencies with professional staff that consists of international and local counselors. Our team will guide you step by step as you prepare for your study in Korea. Square-study has a high acceptance rate for foreign students entering Korean university. As well as a variety of Korean study abroad programs, Square-study also offers Kpop Idol training programs for foreigners.

Our company is located at Hongdae, Seoul, with Japanese, English and Korean speaking staff, available to assist you.

History of

2006 ~ 2022

  • Started an agency for Korean customers going overseas
  • Opened study abroad part for foreigners
  • Study abroad expertise programs enhanced
  • Square group established
  • Finalized business agreements with partner companies
  • Establishment of Vietnam branch office
  • Overseas education programs open
  •  Kpop Art School open

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